The St Louis Blues Society will hold its annual board elections in January, 2019 

Each member of the St Louis Blues Society will receive a ballot in the mail in late December. The individuals listed on the ballot will include a slate of candidates nominated by the board of directors for the St Louis Blues Society Board of Directors election.

The term of office for these elected board members will be for two years or until the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Members of the St Louis Blues Society. Ballots will include information about the candidates, mail-in instructions and deadlines, as well as information about the Annual Meeting of the Members of the St Louis Blues Society to be held on January 22, 2019 at The Stage at KDHX, 3524 Washington Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63103. 

All current members of the St Louis Blues Society are eligible to vote in the January board elections. If you are not currently a member or if your membership has lapsed, visit by December 15, 2018 to become a member so that you may participate in the upcoming board elections. 

Look for your ballot in late December and plan to participate so that the St. Louis Blues Society can continue to effectively serve the St. Louis community with its mission of preserving and perpetuating blues music in and from St. Louis, while fostering its growth and appreciation.

Our Board of Directors

Current Board Members 

Lynn Barlar
Michael Battle 
Ridgley Brown 
Glenn Howard 
Richard Hughes 
Greg Hunt 
Jerry Minchey 
Paul Niehaus IV 
Jeremy Segel-Moss 
Marty D. Spikener 
Mary Kaye Tönnies
Alonzo Townsend
Kelly K Wells
Johnny Willis 


Advisory Director

Charles Taylor - Legal Consultant


Directors Emeriti

Ron Edwards
Bernie Hayes
John May


Jeremy Segel-Moss 

Jerry Minchey  

Lynn Barlar  

Mary Kaye Tönnies 

The Society's Board of Directors consists of 16 members. Eight members are elected each year to serve for a two-year term. There are currently two openings.

Our board meets on the third Tuesday of each month (except December and on those months where the third Tuesday falls on a significant St. Louis event) at 7:30 pm  

For meeting information contact Lynn Barlar